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Classes available April through October

All Classes are a full day or more and held on either Forest Service land or at Ram Off Road Park. Be prepared for a full day outside and all of the lovely weather Colorado has to offer. We teach rain or shine, some cancelations may occur due to major snowstorms. In this event, we will provide as much warning as possible.


Be sure to bring everything you will need in terms of clothing, medication, food, and water for the day. You may also want to bring a notebook, camp chair, and a pair of work gloves preferable with no Velcro closure (we will explain why in class). We provide all the necessary recovery gear for the recovery classes so there are no requirements to bring your own.


We do ask that any vehicle brought to class be in good working order with 4 wheel drive and a selectable low range. For the Driving Skills classes be sure your vehicle has at least one recovery point front and rear, receiver shackles are ok.






Public Classes: $200-250

Passengers Are An Additional Charge


Private Group: $1500 Per Day

Up To 10 Vehicles


Private Individual: $750 Per Day

Up To 2 Vehicles


Custom Courses: Pricing Varies

From hour-long demos at events to  multi-day trainings,

we can provide custom courses to suit your needs.

Contact us for more details.





Providing a solid foundation and understanding of recovery equipment and techniques. Topics including scene assessment, recovery calculations, selecting gear, inspection, maintenance, and use of all types of equipment. This class breaks down recoveries in a methodical manner examining the how and why of safely recovering a stuck vehicle.

This class starts with understanding how different 4-wheel drive systems and suspension work as it is essential to getting the vehicle to perform off road. We take this knowledge into the field and utilize a variety of terrain to experience firsthand how to drive properly. You will leave this course with a solid understanding of what your vehicle can and can’t do and how to get the most out of it while avoiding mechanical damage.

Let’s face it, things break sometimes. We cover how to get yourself back up and running on trail when things go south. With hands on opportunity to fix broken hoses, punctured radiators and oil pans, hydro locked engine, snapped axle, de beaded tire, if you can break it we can teach you how to fix it or tow it out safely. Useful tools and parts to bring along will also be covered.


A very hands on and interactive class designed to put the skills learned in the intro class to the test. With multiple stuck scenarios students are given the opportunity to perform recoveries with a variety of gear and techniques. While we can’t predict every possibly way a vehicle can get stuck we can give you the skills and confidence to use the tools at hand to safely get it moving again.


With long range off road travel in mind these multi day classes cover everything from driving and recovery to vehicle prep and repair. We will spend the night on trail so come prepared.


We can design classes to cover multiple topics within the class. Just let us know what is important to your group and we can put together a custom course to suit your needs.

Cancellation Policy
   No refunds or rescheduling within 14 days of class. 

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